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We all deal with videos, audios, images, photos and documents in our everyday lives. We capture them from our cell phones or get them from our friends or come across them in any other way. Many a time, you feel the need for making corrections to them or editing or converting them to suit your requirement. This is when you should look for an avs software download.


What is Avs4you?

Avs4you software offers a suite of applications to edit, convert, author, record or remake videos, audios, images, photos and documents. Avs4you is getting popular among the users, including both the professionals and the amateurs, because of its cost-effectiveness, user friendliness and availability of a knowledge base for learners.


Avs4you Review!

If you are looking for avs4you reviews before purchasing the tools, here is one. It is aimed at giving you a basic idea about what you should expect from the suite. The applications can help you record and edit videos and audios quickly and smoothly. There are many ‘how to' files on the portal to guide you with the features of the applications. Since they are all user friendly, you can master the applications in a matter of days.

The best thing is that you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Each and every application can be individually tested free of cost before buying it. To use them, you must first download them. The applications and the collective packages have been priced quite competitively. If they suit your budget, you can go ahead with the avs4you download. It can be your one-stop solution for all the video and audio editing needs including those of converting, remaking, authoring, recording and playing. The converter comes handy when you want to change the format of a file. People need to change the formats for a variety of reasons, right from decreasing the size of a file to improving its compatibility. You can record videos or audios with the tools and then remix and add animations as needed. Do keep in mind that Avs4you software applications are compatible with Windows platform only.


Video and Audio

You can correct colour scheme in a file, restore blurred parts in it and trim and split a video or audio file. You can convert the files to 3GP, MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, DivX and many other formats.


The Image Converter and Photo Editor!

The photo editor helps you remove red eyes from photos, change a color photo to a black and white one, convert images to other formats, apply effects and add logos to them.


The Document Editor!

Using the document editor, you can convert Microsoft word files (doc, docx) to PDF and HTML files. You can add watermark to the files and password protect them as well.

Other than those discussed here, there are many other tools and features provided by avs4you. You can even improve your computer's performance with the Avs software. There is a Registry Cleaner tool which not only frees up some space but also detects malfunctioning files.  Why not visit the website and check out all the applications and their features?

What You Need to Know About the AVS

If you are a professional in the field of audiovisual production, you are well aware of how hard it is to find software products that will work for you. The truth of the matter is finding software that will perform tasks such as converting or editing content for you without any hiccups or problems is tough. For this reason, most freelancers blame themselves for this claiming that if they had money to buy expensive software, they would not encounter these issues. But this should not be the case. There are software products on the market that are not only cheap, but they also offer high-quality services. One of these products is AVS4you software.

The main issue with most programs available on the market today is they are limited in the number of functions they can perform. What we mean by this is some of them are designed to serve in a particular niche such as video conversion only. But, as a professional in this industry, you might be tasked to handle projects that involve more than just video conversion. A client might hire you to convert and edit his or her video. If you have software that can only perform a single task, then you are at a disadvantage. First of all, you will have to buy a new program that can do the other remaining task, something that is expensive and cumbersome. The good news is that with AVS software suite, you do not need to purchase different software for various tasks. The software suite has all the programs that a professional in the audio and visual industry needs. Here is an AVS4you review.


What is AVS4you?

The first thing we are going to do is to describe this software suite and what it can do. For starters, you need to know that with this software suite, you will not need to have a multitude of programs to successfully perform all the tasks a professional in the audiovisual field is required to do. AVS4you is a software package designed to perform tasks placed in four categories. These categories are Audio, Visual, Graphics, and Miscellaneous. This software package has 13 different programs that are designed to aid in your audio, video, graphics, and document editing and conversion needs. This software package is also friendly to beginners as it contains tools and mini-programs that help make things easier and less complex for them. To use this software suite, visit and perform an AVS4you download. The software package is 275MB in size, but you will need an extra 500MB for updates. You will also need to purchase a license that will allow you to use all the different programs in the package. Remember that there are two different types of licenses. These are the unlimited one and another one for a year. You can also choose to try out the Trial Download version just to get a feel of the software package before purchasing it.



After going through many AVS4you reviews online and also after our consideration, we give a verdict that this software is great and very useful. Therefore, we recommend that you visit and perform an AVS software download.

A Review of A Renowned Multimedia Editing Suite

If you are looking for computer software for your digital and multimedia needs, AVS4you is what you need. You might be asking yourself, what is AVS4you? Well this article will explain everything to you. For starters, the beauty about AVS is the fact that it is not a single software, but a suite of 12 software tools. These software tools fall into four categories. These categories are graphics, audio, miscellaneous, and video. To have this software suite and use it, head over to and make an AVS4you download. This software suite is only 275MB, but you will need an extra 500MB for its updates.

As mentioned above, there are twelve tools in AVS4you software suite. These tools are as follows:
1. AVS Audio Editor
2. AVS Audio Converter
3. AVS Disc Creator
4. AVS Video Editor
5. AVS Video Converter
6. AVS Video ReMaker
7. AVS Media Player
8. AVS Image Converter
9. AVS Photo Editor
10. AVS Document Editor
11. AVS Document Converter
12. AVS Registry Cleaner
In this AVS4you review, we will discuss the Video Editor.

The AVS Video Editor is very impressive. On launching the program, the first thing that will catch your eyes is its layout. There are a number of tracks you will see when you open the program. These tracks are audio mixing, voice over, text, one overlay track, and one main video track. From the tracks, you can have an idea of the number of things you can do with the program. For instance, you can add text to your video, mix the audio, do a voice over, and an impressive list of other things.

Before you start using the program, there are a couple of things that you have to do. First, you need to choose the aspect ratio that you want. You can choose between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Do not worry about the color encoding as the software itself recognizes whether you are using PAL or NTSC when you place your video on the timeline.

Editing your video too is easy with this AVS software. All the tools and features that you will need to use when working on the video are located on clearly laid out tabs. The AVS Video Editor has a separate track for effects that is located on the timeline. This track is strategically placed where it is to make adding effects to the video very easy. All you have to do is slide the intended effect into position, then shorten and lengthen it to create the effect on your video that you desire. And that is not all, there are a ton of transitions and effects that you can choose and use to suite your needs.

You can also use this video editor to animate still images. You can do this by using pre-drawn paths or trajectories. Also, the program offers dozens of background colors that you can drag onto the overlay track and use to create a background effect that you fancy. If you are planning on adding non-visual effects to the main video do not bother because this software does not allow this. You can add these non-visual effects to the overlay track instead.

Overall, the AVS Video Editor is a great and simple to use software. Other AVS products are great too according to dozens of AVS4you reviews. Therefore, head over to and make an AVS software download.

In-depth Review of Audio – Visual Converter and Editor

If you are looking for an in-depth review of AVS software, then you have come to the right place. This review is based on deep research and testimonials collected from different review forums on the Internet. Therefore, sit back, relax, and enjoy this unbiased avs4you review.

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What is AVS4YOU?

Avs4you is a collection of 12 software tools that are developed and sold by This collection of software tools is sold as a bundle package. When purchasing this software collection, you can either go for the one-year access license or the unlimited access license. Both licenses will allow you to use all the tools in the package, the only difference is, with the one-year access license, your usage will be limited to only one year, and then you will have to renew it. The website also offers Trial Download version for all the software tools for those who want to tryout the products before purchasing them. There are five categories of tools included in the bundle. These categories are Miscellaneous, Image Tools, Document Management Tools, Audio Tools, and Video Tools.


Information on the Developing Company

As mentioned above, avs software is sold at This website is owned and operated by a London-based company called Online Media Technologies Ltd. This company specializes in developing software for multimedia and digital video. This company has been in business for the last thirteen years and has earned the reputation of being among the best digital and multimedia software developers in the world.

Below are the full contact details of Online Media Technologies Ltd:

– Website:

– Physical Address: 85 Great Portland

– Postal Address: W1W 7LT

– City: London

– Country: United Kingdom

– Fax: (44) 207 182 6722

– Phone: (44) 208 144 3359 (no phone support)


Details on the contents of the Software Package

The avs4you software package contains 12 tools. This means that when you make an avs software download and purchase the license, you will be able to use thirteen software tools. Below is a list of the tools that you will receive when you download this package:


1. Audio Software Category

AVS Audio Converter: This tool is used to edit audio files, convert between all audio formats, and extract audio from video files among other uses.

AVS Audio Editor: Use this tool to record, edit, cut, mix, join, and apply effects to new audio.

AVS Disc Creator: This tool is used to burn ISO images, create bootable discs, backup data to Blu-Rays, burn DVD discs among other uses.


2. Video Software Category

AVS Media Player: You can use this tool to play any audio or video format, and view pictures. This tool also supports all of media file extensions.

AVS Video Editor: Many a site reviews avs video editor as a tool that allows you to edit videos and add titles, transitions, effects etc of any format that you want.

AVS Video Converter: You can convert videos for different devices and between any format using this tool.

AVS Video Remaker:  This tool allows you to edit any video and change parts that you do not like with ones that you like.
The other remaining categories and tools are:


3. Document Management Software

– AVS Document Converter

– AVS Document Editor

4. Miscellaneous Software

– AVS Registry Cleaner

5. Image Software

– AVS Photo Editor

– AVS Image Converter

Avs4you software tools are great and very useful, testimony of which can be found in other avs4you reviews. Therefore, head over to for avs4you download.

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